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Visiting the Barcelona Aquarium is a fun and educational experience, but it can also be overwhelming if you don’t know what to expect. 

That is why having a map of the Barcelona Aquarium is so important when planning a trip to the attraction.

Why do you need a map?

  • Effective Planning: The map lets you see which areas of the aquarium you are most interested in visiting, allowing you to plan your visit to make the most of your time. 
  • Smooth Navigation: It gives you an idea of the aquarium’s layout and how to navigate the space effectively.
  • Highlights Unique Features: It also includes information about the different interactive exhibits, such as shark feeding shows, penguin feeding shows and pools. 
  • Provides essential information: You get to know about the aquarium’s policies and guidelines, such as the location of restrooms and food service areas.

What does the map include?

Knowing about the highlights of the Barcelona Aquarium helps you plan your visit like a pro.

Here’s what our recommended map includes:

  • Ticket Office
  • L’Aquarium shop
  • Entrance and exit
  • Technical area
  • Workshops
  • Barcelona Auditorium
  • The Oceanarium
  • Mediterranean and tropical tanks 
  • Explora!
  • Cafeteria
  • Sea Bed Theatre
  • Planet Aqua

Navigating the Layout

Here is a detailed guide to navigating its immersive layout so you can make the most of your trip and make sure you get all of the fins and tentacle.

The main entrance is at Moll de la Barceloneta, which is easily accessible by public transport. 

Level 0

  • Straight from the ticket office, you will enter the Aquarium through the entrance.
  • You will pass by the L’Aquarium shop to return after your visit and go to the technical area.
  • You will start your journey at the center of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Level -1

  • Go to Level 1 via the spiral staircase or elevator. 
  • You will see Antedon, Bonellia and Cala Workshops when you enter the level.
  • Right beside the workshop, you will see the auditorium.
  • As you walk out of the auditorium, you will see multiple Mediterranean and Tropical tanks.
  • Walking along the path of tanks will lead you to the Oceanarium.

Level 1

  • This is the most straightforward way to reach Level 1 is to take the main staircase or the elevator.
  • From the entrance, you will see the cafeteria and go straight to see the Explora! 
  • You will walk out of the Explora! to Planeta Aqua and if you take a turn at the right corner of Explore! you will find yourself in the Sea Bed Theatre.
  • You can access Panoramic Terrace from either Sea Bed Theatre or Planeta Aqua.

Tips for Navigation

  • Take a map and familiarize yourself with the layout given to you at the entrance.
  • Check the schedule for special events like Shark feedings, talks by marine biologists, and temporary exhibits that offer unique experiences.
  • Make use of elevators that are available for accessibility and convenience.
  • Some palaces of aquariums have ramps or sloping walkways within levels for easier access, so walk carefully.
  • The Aquarium provides rest areas with benches and seating where you can relax.
  • If you’re particularly interested in sharks or coral reefs, the Oceanarium is perfect.


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