Explora! Children’s Area

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In front of the aquariums, your children will undoubtedly be fascinated by the intriguing underwater world. 

The inhabitants of the oceans and their ecosystems are introduced to youngsters. It is made excitingly and engagingly in a play area for children.

Explora! is an interactive room within L’Aquàrium de Barcelona to educate youngsters about the marine world. 

It includes over 50 interactivities that allow children to touch, see, hear, examine, and discover nature. 

Three Mediterranean coastline habitats are represented in Explora! : the Ebro Delta wetlands, a section in the Costa Brava, and explore an underwater cave in the Medes Islands. 

Aquarium Barcelona Explora! is a children’s area and a famous interactive environment for children of all ages. 

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The Ebro Delta’s Marshes

Many animal species, particularly migrating birds, rely on these shallow, brackish water lagoons for survival. 

Explora! It enables you to learn about wetlands through various methods, such as using magnifying glasses and analyzing footsteps in the mud.

The Costa Brava

Along the Catalonian coastline, several sandy beaches are sheltered by massive limestone cliffs that fall spectacularly into the sea. 

Discover the Costa Brava’s marshes and beaches in this Explora! Section, where you can feel the waves crash over you without getting wet!

The Medes Islands’ Underwater Cave

Explore the reef and the ruins of a shipwreck in this marine reserve off the coast of Catalonia – sites of refuge for numerous creatures. 

Touch Pools

Interactive Areas

Here are a few interactive areas you might encounter during your tour of Explora:

Touch Pools: Children can safely contact various sea animals under adult supervision.

Interactive games: Digital touchscreens and physical puzzles are used to teach youngsters about marine life and ecosystems in an entertaining way.

Miniature Exhibits: Small-scale models of marine settings, such as coral reefs or mangrove forests, to assist youngsters in understanding these ecosystems.

Storytelling Corner: This is a designated location for educational lectures or storytelling sessions about amazing sea animals and the importance of ocean conservation.

Arts & Projects Area: This is a place with supplies for ocean-themed projects, allowing youngsters to express themselves and take home a souvenir.

Play areas: Include sand and water elements that resemble beaches and tides, fostering imaginative play.

Discovery Zones: This section features buttons, levers, and manipulatives that teach youngsters about oceanographic concepts such as tides, currents, and waves.

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Do you need a special ticket to visit Explora?

No, you do not need a special ticket. The entry ticket includes the Explora.

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