Oceanarium: The Shark Tunnel

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Oceanarium: The Shark Tunnel


Stroll through Barcelona Aquarium’s Oceanarium, an 80-meter-long translucent water tunnel.

Its artificial coral reefs, boulders, and shipwreck reconstruction are all part of its attempt to mimic the ocean’s natural habitat.

You can see a wide range of aquatic life, including enormous sharks, stingrays, groupers, moray eels, and other animals indigenous to the world’s oceans. 

The glass tunnel that runs through the center of the tank will give you a 360° view of the marine life swimming above and around you from different viewpoints. 

The Oceanarium also features an interactive display that helps you learn about the aquatic life in coral reefs, one of the planet’s most significant ecosystems. 

Visitors can observe various varieties of colorful fish, sharks, sea anemones, and coral polyps up close and personal. 

These are, without a doubt, the stars of L’Aquàrium.

A group of experts and marine biologists at the aquarium are dedicated to researching and comprehending marine life in its natural environments while advocating for sustainable practices and conservation. 

The Aquarium Barcelona’s Oceanarium, which provides a chance to learn about and admire the beauty and diversity of the world’s oceans, is a must-see attraction.

Interactive Displays

Along the tunnel, touchscreens or information panels will display important information on sharks, their habitats, and their challenges. 

Learn about conservation efforts and how to conserve these critical components of the marine ecosystem.

The Shark Tunnel can help dismiss misconceptions about sharks by observing their activity firsthand.

Species Featured

  • Rays
  • Moray Eels
  • Glitheads
  • Ocean sunfish
  • Sand Tiger Shark 
  • Sandbar Shark

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How long is the translucent water tunnel at the Oceanarium?

The tunnel is 80 meters long and is the main highlight of the Oceanarium.

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Can visitors learn about the different species of sharks found in the tunnel?

Can visitors see the sharks being cared for by staff members?

How many entrances/exits are there to the Shark Tunnel?

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