The Mediterranean Aquariums

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The L’Aquàrium de Barcelona is the world’s largest aquarium dedicated to the Mediterranean. 

14 pools, ranging in volume from 6 to 120 meters cube, show the most diverse residents from the Mediterranean’s most diverse locations.

Here, you can watch the animals in their natural habitat and admire the local fauna. One of the most notable is a significant predator: the shark. 

This is a miniature representation of the Mediterranean Sea, making it the most eye-catching segment of the place.

We highly recommend visiting the Ebro Delta and the Medes Islands, two of Spain’s coastline recreations.

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Ebro Delta

The Ebro delta, located in Catalonia’s extreme southeast, stretches for approximately 350 km2. 

It is an intermediate stage between freshwater (from the river Ebro) and seawater, where the first progressively mixes with the second as it flows out into the sea, lowering salinity. 

This recreation is designated as a nature preserve because it provides a unique environment for marine species and the numerous migratory sea birds that visit.

Animals and Essential Information

In the Ebro Delta, you can find two species: the Beluga sturgeon and the Eel.

The Beluga sturgeon can grow up to 8 meters long, while eels typically reach lengths of around 122 centimeters. Both are carnivores and are active during the day. 

To find a Beluga sturgeon, look for a spindle-shaped fish with a yellowish or white belly and a greenish-gray back with scattered spots. 

Eels are identified by their elongated, cylindrical, gray bodies and predominantly white bellies. Beluga sturgeon produce highly valued beluga caviar from their eggs. 

Additionally, both species have skin that can stay moist for some time out of water, allowing them to move on land and breathe through their skin when needed.

The Medes Island

The Medes Islands, located just off the coast of L’Estartit beach, are a vital marine reserve in the western Mediterranean.

Covering 21.5 hectares, this archipelago consists of seven small chalky islands and reefs.

These islands have been protected since 1990 and are Catalonia’s most important marine park. 

Within this reserve, fish populations thrive as human activity decreases, increasing species diversity and size.

However, despite protection efforts, excessive diving has damaged this delicate ecosystem, highlighting the need for responsible conservation practices.


Animals and Essential Information

The Medes Islands have a diverse marine ecosystem, including various fish species such as the Angular Roughshark and the Lesser Spotted Dogfish.

The Angular Roughshark and Lesser Spotted Dogfish, also known as the Catshark, share some similarities. Both are carnivores and are active at night. 

To identify the Angular Roughshark, look for a large, flattened head with dark spots on the sides, a compressed body with a triangular cross-section, and a blunt, flat muzzle. 

It has a gray-brown dorsal color pattern and a brownish-black back with dark spots. 

Some fishermen suggest that these sharks use the spine of their first dorsal fin to search the bottom for small invertebrates, capturing them as they go. 

Similarly, the Lesser Spotted Dogfish features a similar method of using the spine of its first dorsal fin to scoop up small invertebrates. It possesses rough skin that was also used as sandpaper.

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The most well-known shark species present here are the Beluga Sturgeon, Angular Roughshark and Lesser Spotted Dogfish, also known as catshark.

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