Tips for visiting Barcelona Aquarium

The Barcelona Aquarium is a well-known tourist destination with the maximum number of marine species in Europe living in 4 million gallons of water. 

Explore the depths of marine life with these helpful tips for visiting the Barcelona Aquarium.

1. Make sure to check all the activities in advance. 

If you plan to attend any activities, you should check the schedule on the official website of the Barcelona Aquarium. 

2. Buy the tickets to the Aquarium online. 

We recommend purchasing Barcelona Aquarium tickets online as they are less expensive than on-site and save you from last-minute disappointments. 

3. Explore the nearby restaurants. 

The cafeteria inside the Barcelona Aquarium is a little pricey. So, avoid eating food at this cafe if you are on a tight budget. 

You can check out the restaurants nearby and enjoy various food options. 

 4. Planeta Aqua.

Make sure to visit Planeta Aqua on the second floor. Many visitors depart this place without seeing it because of its hidden location. 

5. Consider buying a City Pass.

Visitors with a Barcelona City Pass can enter the Barcelona Aquarium for free. You can also save money compared to buying individual tickets. 

6. Visit the Barcelona Aquarium in the afternoon. 

The Barcelona Aquarium is an indoor aquarium. So, it is best to visit in the afternoons to avoid the sun and heat. 

7. No feeding of animals is allowed. 

It is prohibited to feed the animals, and all visitors are asked to follow this guideline.

8. Purchase a skip the line ticket. 

During the peak season, the lines outside the Barcelona Aquarium can last up to two hours. Thus, getting a skip-the-line ticket online is strongly recommended.

9. Find the best time to visit.  

Arriving early in the morning or late in the afternoon can help you avoid the busiest hours and large crowds. 


Can we bring strollers into the Barcelona Aquarium?

Yes, strollers and prams are allowed inside Barcelona Aquarium. 

This will allow families with young children to explore all exhibits comfortably.

Is photography allowed inside the Barcelona Aquarium?

Yes, photography is permitted inside the Aquarium. 

However, flash photography may be restricted in some areas to avoid disturbing marine animals.

Can Barcelona Aquarium visitors bring their pets?

No, this is not permitted under their guidelines because it is a closed environment with no pet care amenities.

Featured Image: aquariumbcn.com

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