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The largest collection of marine life in Europe, housed in 4 million gallons of water, can be found in the popular tourist attraction, the Barcelona Aquarium.

Barcelona’s Old Port, or Port Vell, is home to the Aquàrium. a fantastically enjoyable activity that is also educational because you will learn a lot.

Kids will love all the activities designed just for them, and adults will love the detailed descriptions of the more than 110,000 creatures housed in more than 35 aquariums.

Explore the depths of marine life with these helpful tips for visiting the Barcelona Aquarium.

Plan a Themed Dress-Up Adventure

Turn your visit into an interactive experience! 

Encourage kids (and adults!) to dress up as their favorite sea creatures, such as sharks, mermaids, dolphins, octopuses, or colorful tropical fish.  

Prior to the visit, gather or create costumes and accessories related to the chosen sea creatures. 

This could involve simple DIY costumes, face paint, or store-bought costumes.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Design a custom scavenger hunt with clues based on specific features of the exhibits. 

You can Design custom clues or riddles or incorporate educational information about marine life into each clue.

This will keep kids engaged and searching for interesting details throughout the visit.

Offer small rewards or incentives for successfully completing the scavenger hunt, such as stickers or temporary tattoos.

Check Out the Jellyfish Exhibit

The jellyfish exhibit is often a favorite among visitors for its mesmerizing displays of these graceful creatures. 

Take some time to appreciate their beauty and learn about their unique biology.

Plan it out with an Itinerary!

Don’t want to plan out your visit? We have the perfect one-day itinerary for you:

TimingWhat to do?
Morning (10 am)Get there 15 minutes early and enter as soon as the gate opens.
Afternoon (12 pm)Enjoy the activities there, like scuba diving or diving with sharks.
Afternoon (1 pm)You can grab lunch at the aquarium or visit beautiful nearby restaurants. 

You can also take an itinerary for navigating the exhibits frequently provided by the aquarium.

Buy a Citypass

Visitors with a Barcelona City Pass can enter the Barcelona Aquarium for free. 

You also get the added advantage of saving money on transport compared to buying individual tickets, driving, renting a car and parking. 

Know the Essential Information

When visiting the aquarium, it’s best to plan your visit according to the best timings to visit and transport methods that are the most convenient.

These obvious planning measures can take your trip from hectic to seamless! Here’s what you must know before visiting:

  • Opening hours: 10 am 
  • Best time during the day: Right after it opens at 10 am
  • Best seasons: Summer (September to May)
  • Time to spend: 2 hours
  • Convenient transport: Metro
  • Cheapest transport: Bus

Book your tickets in advance

The aquarium pulls in more than a million visitors each year. 

So, it’s essential to avoid long waits at the ticket office and check out Aquarium Barcelona discounted tickets online without the hassle of them being sold out on the day of your visit.

Stick to the rules

Feeding the animals is prohibited, and all visitors are asked to follow this guideline.

When taking little children with you need to keep this in mind. 

The guidelines prohibit feeding the animals and discarding trash or other items in the places where they reside.

Since flash photography can agitate and stress out aquatic life, it is not allowed in aquariums. 

Please don’t use Flash when shooting pictures or movies.

Carry a good camera 

For those who especially love capturing moments or are photography enthusiasts, this tip is for you!

The Aquarium’s space and pathways are only partially lit to preserve the peace of the resident species.

So, if you wish to snap photos there, you’ll need a camera that can capture images in low light. This will help you have good photos for a lifetime. 

Don’t Carry Food or Beverages

You are not permitted to bring in outside food or beverages. However, eating options are abundant close by!

There are restaurants near the aquarium where you can refuel after a long day of exploration.

Know the Accessibility Options

The aquarium’s accessible pathways, lifts, and ramps make it easy for wheelchair users to enjoy.

There are accessible restrooms with amenities to improve convenience and accessibility.

It is also suitable for families because it has diaper-changing areas and stroller accessibility.

There are parking spots close to the entrance that are reserved for guests with impairments.

Additionally, information desks are positioned at strategic locations throughout the aquarium to help tourists with any questions they may have or to provide them with extra information.

Visitors can stay connected and share their experiences with others using the WiFi available throughout Barcelona Aquarium. 

The aquarium has features that make it suitable for families, such as diaper changing areas and stroller accessibility.

Wear Comfortable Attire

Wearing comfy shoes and clothes is recommended because there are plenty of play spaces and activities specifically designed for adults and children.

Children should wear shoes with grips because the floor is slippery, and they tend to run here and there. 


Can we bring strollers into the Barcelona Aquarium?

Yes, strollers and prams are allowed inside the Barcelona Aquarium. This allows families with young children to explore all exhibits comfortably.

Is photography allowed inside the Barcelona Aquarium?

Can Barcelona Aquarium visitors bring their pets?

Is outside food allowed in the aquarium?

Should I book my Barcelona Aquarium tickets ahead of time?

Is Barcelona Aquarium wheelchair accessible?

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